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Head of the Division: Dr. Vijesh Sreedhar Kuttiatt, Scientist-E

The "OMICS" disciplines aim at universal detection of genes, mRNA, proteins and metabolites. Unit of OMICS is an initiative of ICMR-VCRC to undertake studies on genomics, proteomics and metabolomics relevant to vector borne diseases.

Research Areas

VCRC has been conducting genomicstudies of pathogens, vectors and hostsrelated to vector borne diseases. With high throughput analysis of samples, omics technologies have revolutionised the field of modern biology and medicine. Utilising these advanced technologies, this unit would focus on studies which help in developing precise diagnostics and personalised medicines; identification of biomarkers and newer vector surveillance tools.The emerging discipline of proteogenomics and metabolomics in relation to vector borne diseases would be a priority area of research. The aim is to establish high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry based assays, spectral libraries, data analysis platform, and interfaces for proteomics and metabolomics of body fluids such as serum, saliva, sweat and urine of clinical cases presenting diagnostic and prognostic dilemma.In this direction we would be collaborating with various other institutions like medical colleges, research institutes, health departments throughout the country and also with research institutes abroad.

Staff List
Sr. No.Name of the staffDesignation
1Dr. Vijesh Sreedhar KuttiattHOD & Scientist-E
2Dr. Philip Raj AbrahamScientist-B
3Mrs. T. SankariTechnical officer-C
4Mrs. J. Esther Nirmala MaryTechnician -2
5Ms. V. ShakilaTechnician-1
Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Development of Monitoring and Evaluation protocol for accelerated MDA with IDA for lymphatic filariasis elimination programme.
  • Exploring potential application of dengue NS1 antigen kits for detection of dengue virus in Aedes mosquito samples

New Initiatives

  • Prevalence of the natural Wolbachia infection in the wild populations of A.aegypti mosquitoes from Tamilnadu, India
  • Genome wide scanning of Wuchereria bancrofti populations in India: elucidating molecular ecology and the genetic impact of Mass Drug Administration
Significant research findings/contributions
  • During 2017 dengue outbreak in Puducherry, our group had carried out serotyping and genotyping analysis on request of Health Department and had identified the circulation of dengue serotype-4 strain for the first time in Puducherry
Infrastructure (Labs)

The laboratory is equipped with Thermal cycler, Electrophoresis and Gel documentation unit,Real Time PCR thermal cycler, Laminar flow hood, Ultrapure water purification system, UV trans-illuminator, Refrigerated centrifuge, Biomedical freezer -30°, Spectrophotometer and Electronic balance.

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