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Patents Granted

  1. Nisha Mathew, Kalyanasundaram M & Balaraman K. Novel macrofilaricidal composition and process for preparing the same. Indian Patent No. 280638 (2017).
  2. Nisha Mathew, Kalyanasundaram M & Balaraman K. Macrofilaricidal activity of monoterpene derivatives having phenolic characteristics from the fruit extract of Trachyspermum ammi against filariasis. Indian Patent No. 274393 (2016).
  3. Balaraman K, Geetha I, Paily KP, Manonmani AM & Prabakaran G. A cyclic lipopeptide of Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis with potential to kill mosquito stages. Indian Patent No. 264599 (2015).
  4. Hoti SL & Vasuki V. A process for the diagnosis of infective (L3) stage larvae of Wuchereria bancrofti in vector mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus. Indian Patent No. 257150 (2013).
  5. Poopathi S. Biocidal composition and preparation thereof. Indian Patent No. 255023 (2013).
  6. Balaraman K, Hoti SL & Manonmani AM. A mosquito larvicidal preparation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis. Indian Patent No. 222246 (2008).
  • 7. Balaraman K, Geetha I, Padmanabhan V & Paily KP. A process for the production of mosquito oviposition attractant. Indian Patent No. 199635 (2006).
  • 8. Balaraman K, Geetha I, Prabakaran G, Padmanabhan V & Paily KP. A process for the production of mosquitocidal compound. Indian Patent No.192872 (2006).
  • 9. Nisha Mathew & Kalyanasundaram M. A technology for the production of controlled release formulation of an insect growth regulator for mosquito larval control. Indian Patent No. 191820 (2005).
  • 10. Balaraman K & Nisha Mathew. Process for the preparation of Cyclosporin-A from Tolypocladium species. US patent No. 5,656,459 (1997); Brazilian Patent BR9601017 (1997); European Patent EP-96-356060/36 (1996); Indian Patent No. 183940 (2000); DE69521193T (2001); Canadian Patent CA-2142240 C (2002).
  • 11. Balaraman K & Kuppuswamy M. A process for the production of THROMBINASE, a blood clot dissolving enzyme from Bacillus sp. US Patent No. 5434059 (1995); European Patent No. 0624642 (1999).

Patents Applications Filed

  1. Paramasivan R. Novel Ovitrap for Aedes control. Indian Patent No. 202011018709/ 2020.
  2. Muniyaraj M. Device for generating Germ free and Gnotobiotic mosquitoes. Indian Patent No. 201911049(989)/2019.
  3. Hoti SL, Senthil Kumar A, Vasuki V, Mayuri P, Balasubramaniyan R & Nikhil C. A process for the Electrochemical Detection of Lymphatic Filarial Infection in Vector Mosquitoes”. Indian Patent Application No. 201911039806/2019.
  4. Manonmani AM, Geetha I & Balaraman K. Improved process for the production of Cyclosporin-A using the fungus Tolypocladium sp. strain NRRL No: 18950. Indian Patent Application No. 699/DEL/2013; Canadian Patent Application No. CA 2901025A1/2018; US Patent Application No. US20160017003 A1/2016.
  5. Hoti SL, Balaraman K & Prabakaran G. A Process for the preparation of a fibrinolytic enzyme. Indian Patent Application No 30/DEL/2014.
  6. Hoti SL & Prabakaran G. A Process for the preparation of an Eco-friendly dehairing protease enzyme from Bacillus sp. for leather processing. Indian Patent Application No: 2654/DEL/2012.

Patent Applications Sent to ICMR in 2020

  1. Prabakaran G, Ashwani Kumar & Mathivanan A. A.
  2. Paramasivan R. (4 patent).
  3. Manikandan S, Poopathi S & Britto RJD
  4. Anns Tom & Poopathi S
  5. Bhuvaneshwari B & Poopathi S
  6. Manikandan S & Poopathi S
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