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Man Power Development - M.Sc. Public Health Entomology (PHE) & Ph.D

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About M.Sc. (Public Health Entomology)

Co-ordinator: Dr. V. Vasuki, Scientist-E
Contact details:
Phone: 0413-2279072
Email :

This is a unique course in India catering to the national as well as global needs. The course will provide an opportunity for students to gain an in-depth knowledge on Public Health Entomology and intense training on the modern approaches for epidemiology, prevention and control of vectors and vector-borne diseases.

No. of students completed (till July 2019) - 69

Current year details
I year - 12 students
II year - 12 students
Placement cell - Nil

M.Sc. Faculty List

1 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Director
2 Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy Senior Consultant
3 Dr. S. Poopathi Scientist - G
4 Dr. R. Lourduraj John De Britto Scientist - F
5 Dr. S. Subramanian Senior Consultant
6 Dr. R. Paramasivam Scientist - F
7 Dr. Nisha Mathew Scientist - F
8 Dr. Sudhansu Sekar Sahu Scientist - F
9 Dr. V. Vasuki Scientist - E
10 Dr. Vijesh Sreedhar Kuttiatt Scientist - E
11 Dr. A. Srividya Scientist - E
12 Dr. M. Muniyaraj Scientist - D
13 Dr. C. Sadanandane Scientist - D
14 Dr. Rituraj Niranjan Scientist - C
15 Dr. A.N. Shriram Scientist - C
16 Dr. P. Philip Samuel Scientist - C
17 Dr. Bhavana Gupta Scientist - C
18 Dr. B. Nandha Scientist - C
19 Dr. D. Panneer Scientist - B
20 Dr. Philip Raj Abraham Scientist - B
21 Dr. Suchi Tyagi Scientist - B
22 Dr. Prasanta Saini Scientist - B
23 Dr. J. Dinesh Raja Scientist - B
24 Dr. V. Thenmozhi Principal Technical Officer
25 Shri. A. Elango Principal Technical Officer
26 Dr. K. Athisaya Mary Senior Technical Officer
27 Smt. T. Sumathy Technical Officer-C
28 Dr. I. Geetha Technical Officer-C
29 Dr. K. Hari Kishan Raju Technical Officer-C
30 Smt. T. Sankari Technical Officer-B
31 Shri. S. Muthukumaravel Technical Officer-B
32 Shri. R. Balasubramaniyan Technical Officer-B
33 Shri. N. Krishnamoorthy Technical Officer-B
34 Shri. A. Mathivanan Technical Officer-B
35 Shri. S. Gopalakrishnan Technical Assistant
36 Shri. B. Vijayakumar Technical Assistant
37 Smt. M. Shabura Technician (2)
38 Dr. S. Lakshmy Technician (2)


Ph.D Scholar & Guides/ Supervisors with their departments

Completed 61
On-going 4 Full time (3 Zoology, 1 Chemistry) and 1 Part time (Zoology)

Sr. No. Name Guide Department Division
1 P.Mangalam Dr.V.Vasuki Molecular Biology Molecular Entomology
2 Dhanekula. Kavyasri Dr. Nisha Mathew Chemistry Innovation & Product Development
3 Manikandan.S Dr.S.Poopathi Zoology Microbiology & Molecular Biology
4 Ann Tom Dr.S.Poopathi Zoology Microbiology & Molecular Biology
5 R.Balasubramaniyan Dr.V.Vasuki Zoology(Part time- Internal) Molecular Entomology

Lists of Ph.D Supervisors

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department University
1 Dr. S. Poopathi Scientist-G Zoology Pondicherry University
2 Dr. R. Paramasivam Scientist-F Microbiology Madurai Kamaraj University
3 Dr. M. Muniyaraj Scientist-D Microbiology Madurai Kamaraj University & Pondicherry University
4 Dr. A.N. Shriram Scientist-C Medical Entomology Pondicherry University
5 Dr. P. Philip Samuel Scientist-C Zoology Madurai Kamaraj University
6 Dr. Bhavana Gupta Scientist-C Biotechnology Madurai Kamaraj University
7 Dr. D. Panneer Scientist-B Microbiology Pondicherry University
8 Dr. Prasanta Saini Scientist-B Medical Entomology Madurai Kamaraj University
9 Dr. V. Thenmozhi Principal Technical Officer Zoology Madurai Kamaraj University

"If you face any discrimination in the institute based on caste/gender or others, Please register your complaint through email to (Dr. V. Vasuki, Chairperson of the OBC/SC/ST Committee)"

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