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Cell & Tissue Culture

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Cell & tissue culture

Facility In Charge: Dr. Rituraj Niranjan, Scientist-C

The “Cell and Tissue Culture” Laboratory of ICMR-Vector Control Research Centre, is located on the first floor(room No. 126)of the main building. This facility was re-established by Dr. Rituraj Niranjan, Scientist-C, department of microbiology and molecular biology. It is equipped with the basic materials and state-of-the-art facilities required to culture and maintain various cells and tissues in a laboratory.The facility is well equipped with CO2 incubators, inverted phase contrast microscopes, Inverted phase contrast fluorescent microscope, laminar flow hoods, water bath, programmable freezers, liquid nitrogen storage facility, basic cell counter and autoclave. At present various cell lines are being maintained in this cells and tissue culture facility of the institute.

The primary aim of this laboratory is to work in the area of vectors and vector borne diseases. Users can work with primary cultures and cell lines from humans, experimental animals and from different species of vectors. At present, mainly research associated to vector borne diseases like, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Zika viral fever is going on in this tissue culture facility of the institute. Particularly we are working with the dengue virus antigens associated to dengue shock syndrome, and JE viruses to understand the pathogenesis of Japanese encephalitis.

Cell Lines: research work done/going on the following cell lines in the tissue culture facility of the ICMR- Vector Control Research Centre, facility are;

  • THP-1 (human monocytic cell line)
  • HL-60 (human promyelocyticleukemia cell line)
  • A549 (human alveolar basal epithelial cells)
  • SHSY-5Y cells (Human neuroblastoma cells)
  • Primary human PBMC cells
  • HEK-293 (Human embryonic kidney)
  • C6/36 (derives from Aedes albopictus)
  • Vero cells (monkey kidney epithelial cells)
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