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Mosquito Museum

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HomeFacilitiesMosquito Museum
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Culicid biodiversity cell (Mosquito Museum)

Mosquito museum was established in ICMR-VCRC, Puducherry in the year 2000 with the aim to collect mosquito species prevalent in India and would serve as reference material for taxonomic studies and training in mosquito identification.Updating the museum specimens collected from various geographical regions (high altitude regions of the Western Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Eastern Ghats, Coastal and other regions) in India. At present there are about 43,388 adult specimens, of which 36,816 are individually mounted on minuten pins, while rests are held in stock vials. It also includes 3979 male and female genitalia and 14,131 larvae, larval exuviae, and pupal exuviae mounted on microscope slides. Representative specimens collected from 20 states and 3 union territories are available for ready reference. The updated information was published periodically in the reputed journals.

Mosquito species collected: 312 out of 410;
New country Records: 28;
New Species: 8.

Identification service: Specimens brought by public health personnel and Ph.D Scholars from different college/university.

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