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Dr. P. K. Das

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Dr. P. K. Das has obtained Ph. D. in Zoology (Cytogenetics) from the University of Kalyani in 1974. He joined WHO - ICMR Research unit on genetic control of mosquitoes and continued research, training and consultancy on vectors and vector borne diseases (VBDs) such as malaria, filariasis, Japanese enchaphalitis, Dengue and Chikungunya. He got trained in the University of Sussex, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, University of Newcastle, Imperial college of Science and Technology and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on various aspects of the control of VBDs, besides surveillance and monitoring systems for epidemiological intelligence, application of GIS and spatial analytical tools in infectious disease control and environmental risk assessment in CDC Atlanta through WHO fellowship in 1982. Also, he acquired expertise in modern approaches to Epidemiology and control of infectious diseases from Oxford University in 1999.

Dr. Das promoted environmental health and operational research, epidemiological and ecological modeling for developing site specific strategy for controlling VBDs, application of modern tools and technologies, planning and implementation of Integrated Vector management and community-based mass drug administration for interrupting lymphatic filariasis (LF) transmission. His research, teaching and consultancy services for 30 years provided substantial inputs for global programme to eliminate LF, malaria and other neglected tropical diseases. He published about 195 research articles and contributed many chapters in book and served as Expert on the control of VBDs on national and international bodies. His present interest is sustainable development, environment and health.

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